Jul 22, 2008

Am I Strange??

I wanted this to happen. Look closely...at her thumb....where is it you ask? In her mouth! Being sucked on. Is it strange that I rejoiced when I found her like this during her nap today? Nate and I have been trying to HELP her find her thumb. Most parents don't seem to like the thumb-sucking. But Malia sucked on her fingers and we thought it was great. She could soothe herself to sleep. So, we may be weird, but both of us rejoiced at this sight.
F.Y.I Hubby would want you to know that he did NOT take this picture...I did. :)


  1. Totally cute and a great picture I might add!

  2. Such a sweet sweet picture. Avery sucks her thumb, and I think it is so cute. . .and it's always "handy" if you know what I mean. =)