Jul 29, 2008

Ever since Hubby and I began playing 2-player Carcassonne in our free time, we've kept a tally of how many games we've each won. I'm sad to say, his lead is pretty large. But I account it to a poor start on my part in the early days. (The count began over two years ago.) Today I suggested we START OVER! Yes, start with a fresh count. "I," I boldly claimed, "would totally stay caught up with you."

"Ha." Hubby laughed. "You really think so??"

"Yes, what do you say?"

After much effort and persuasion, Hubby refused to budge. Waving the box lid (where we keep the tally) in the air, he triumphantly stated, "I'm NEVER giving up this lead."

I crack up, befuddled that we could be so competitive about a board game, all the while knowing that that Hubby is not even kidding one bit. He really never would give up that lead by his own good graces.

"Maybe I would." He surprises me with his renewed interest. "Maybe I would if we upped the stakes a bit. Like, I'm talking big money."

"What?!" I'm really entertained now. "Are you kidding?? Gamble on our income??"

"Oh yeah." He's smiling really big, so I know he's joking. Actually, I think he may have done it if I agreed to it.

But this interaction made my day. You gotta love the small things about your family that make you unique. Nate and I are really competitive over stupid little games. And we're unashamed about it. Today, it made me laugh so hard I cried. I'm so thankful for the family that God is making us into one day at a time. :)


  1. Mama Farwell9:10 PM

    The funny thing about this story to me is, I can actually visualize the two of you in this dialogue, and hear the expression in your voices!

  2. Luke and I are exactly like this. When we're having debates and discussions, we call people and make tallys. Or we google each persons idea and see who has the most search results. Want to weigh in on an ongoing debate?? Do you say hayride or hayrack ride?? :) Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I love it--you guys are too much! Gail

  4. So fun! Tony and I have a running tally of victories in our Scrabble lid.

  5. i can SO picture this! hilarious, guys. love you both...and your babies!

  6. Eeka...I just want you to know, I am pulling for you. Your web site is one of my real favorites, I always get to chuckle. But the Carcassonne blog has to take the top prize. Like Mama Farwell, I can just hear the two of you going on about the score. I am pulling for you girl....I have been pounded by the Nate toooo many times not to forget. So, keep at it.

  7. Carl & I do that kind of stuff, too. He's always saying that I cheat at dominoes when I win. What is this game? I've never heard of it before. Must be fun if you play it so much.