Jul 1, 2008

Rolling Over

This was a family affair, trying to get Josie to roll over for the camera. And for the record, I have absolutely no idea what I said at the beginning of this video!! I listened to it over and over, trying to figure it out, and I am clueless! Hopefully, you'll get as good a laugh out of it as I did.


  1. Those are some cute kids!

  2. Way to go Josie! AND... I also watched the beginning of the video over and over just to hear what you are saying Erika- too funny!! Katie

  3. Gma Farwell10:58 PM

    You said, "Malia, you're in my way". I heard it the first time I listened. Guess that's from all that listening to doctors talk that I do every day.

    Josie is getting stronger, and she was working so hard! It's really fun to watch those developmental milestones.

  4. our dog heard the squeaky toy and was cocking her head at all angles looking at the computer trying to figure out where this squeaky toy of hers was!!!

    Cute kids too btw!!!
    -the campbells