Aug 29, 2008


Why do cute little blankets makes girls seem so cuddly? It's not like boys don't use them too. Hmmm...there's just something about little girls playing with blankets that's adorable to me. The last couple of days have been a bit rough around here. Things not going smoothly...naps are bad, we can't get a pee smell out of our pack 'n play or the gas smell out of our saucer, lots to do in the kitchen, behind on laundry, did I mention the bad napping?? For some reason, when my kids don't sleep...I STRESS OUT! Well, today our home has been a much more calm environment...I think watching my girls play together on blankets helped. So cute!


  1. I stress out when A doesn't sleep too.

  2. cute pictures. I love a girl with her blanket too-- especially when she has her thumb in her mouth.

  3. Cute indeed! Hope your home continues to be peaceful this weekend.

    P.S. Thanks for Dana's blog link!