Aug 17, 2008

Come Walk With Me.

Join me on my walk this morning. This route has been my regular route on many summer mornings. I hope to continue it into the fall.

It was a hazy morning as I entered the highway, which made for gorgeous weather, but not as pretty images...

My attempt at a panoramic where these roads intersect...

Coming onto the bridge...

I met a man in his 50's riding his bike on the bridge...I'd seen him other mornings too..."Such a beautiful day, isn't it?? Just beautiful." Then he rode off...

Sights like these remind me of home. Pleasant memories...

A view of the KSU Football Stadium through the corn field...
And then home. I think this route is beautiful. A great place to be still, quiet, and pray.


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I loved these pics, Eeka. I think you've got a photographer's eye! Looks so peaceful and inviting. Love ya-Gail

  2. Great pictures! It was fun to see your morning route. Katie

  3. That is fun to be a part of your day. Thinking of you as I'm watching Singing in the Rain.

  4. I love this idea and think I might do it, too! What a fun way to get a glimpse of your life!

  5. I used to ride my motorcycle all around that area, along with many other places, back in the day. Fun to see places in Manhattan that haven't changed since I left.

  6. Those pictures make me miss Manhattan! Johnson County is too suburban-y.