Aug 30, 2008

A First.

I was at the grocery store the other day, and someone actually asked me if my girls had the same father!! Ha! Can you believe it?? I was actually a little embarrassed for her because I don't think she intended for it to come out that way. :) I said "Yes they do...isn't that amazing??"


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    What a brave question! She probably went home mortified, telling everyone the crazy question that came out of her mouth! They're adorable,and sometimes I think they look alike. Gail

  2. Angela9:44 PM

    Woah! That is hilarious! I wonder how they'll grow up to be so differently beautiful? It fun to think about.

  3. Aunt Jenni7:48 AM

    i love it! I laughed out loud!!! You should have said "Yes; one from an American and one from an African!" That is hilarious!

  4. uncle austin10:51 AM

    I apologize for my wife's previous comment. I was not able to filter it for her before it was posted. Please know that it will not happen again. :)