Aug 22, 2008

KGR (Kearney Girl Retreat) Day #1

This weekend I have the privilege of hosting several college friends in my home for a reunion. Crazy times are in store for sure. This is for you Tiffany!

"Is that my rear?"
"Mike Lin's house was destroyed by the tornados. I'm not happy he's dead."
"Yes, I did just growl."
"Mendy, can you pass those crackers or are they just for you?"
"Is that a new quote, because its not just like Michelle hour."
Do you think Tiffany would want more or less cleavage?"
"Who's boob?"

Mendy's snort count: 4.

This was the pile of food on living room floor last night.

Happy Birthday Drea!!


  1. I love girly weekends!!! I've heard great things about Drea's birthday gift... let me know of any good feedback!

  2. I have that same cookbook! I am excited to sneak foods into Rodney's meals! :D (Especially spinach!)

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    OOOH! Look at how white my legs are compared to my arms!?!? :P