Aug 4, 2008

My Last Recital.

Yesterday was the last piano recital I will give for a long time. Motherhood calls and I want to be more available to my girls during those after-school hours. It's prime time to take the kids OUT, run errands, fix dinner, etc. It was beginning to get a little too stressful in our home during that time. So...I'm stepping back. I'm really excited about what that will mean for our family. And I'm really sad about saying goodbye to those students. I had a lot of fun teaching them music and letting them get creative.


  1. They look like happy performers! (or happy the performance is over?) Eeka - I'm sure you have touched the lives of each of those children.

  2. Wow! What a big step for you! I'm happy for you and your family that you get to free up that time.

  3. ha ha! I remember when I was one of your students!