Aug 7, 2008

"Play" time

I had the funnest day with Malia yesterday. She is getting to the age where she can help me do things (like laundry and cook) and it's FUN for her. I felt in my element yesterday as a mom.

She helped me do laundry by standing in front of the dryer and throwing in the clothes I handed her. She wanted to name each item..."mommy's underwear", "daddy's shorts", etc. Too funny. Sure it takes a little bit longer, but hey it's worth it. If ever I tell her that I'm going to do laundry, she runs to the bathroom with me.

She also helped me cook pizza for dinner. She stood on a chair next to the counter so she could see and I explained all the things I was doing. I even let her pick an orange pepper piece out of the filling and eat it. What a treat in her eyes! Little does she know that I want her to eat those things because they're good for her.

As I pulled the crusts out of the oven, Malia exclaimed "Oh Mommy, SO CUTE!!"
"Well thanks Malia. I always wanted to have cute pizza crusts."
As I finished topping the crusts, she said again "So CUTE! Mommy made it!"

I love it. I hope her toddler/preschool years are filled with interactions like these. I hope I keep my life in perspective and don't get too busy or stressed to allow things like this. I've been reminded to pray for God to grant me His perspective on my day and ask that our home/interactions would by touched by His heart.


  1. You certainly have a beautiful perspective on today! Enjoy every minute. What a privilege you have to stay at home with your sweet children.

  2. Eeka, It makes me so happy for you to read this look on your day. I know you are totally in your element being mom.

  3. CVS is a drugstore like Walgreens. I'm assuming you don't have any in Mahnappenin... The only reason I've got it figured out is because I just have someone do it for me - so I cheat. There's a link to the grocery weekly on my blog and she'll tell you the awesome deals you can do! She also stays home with her son - dad is a teacher - so she is an AWESOME budgeter! Oh, and your post made me smile a lot!

  4. Hey, Erika! I saw that you gave up piano also. I'm excited that you will have the extra time to make cute pizzas with your cute kiddos. Looking forward to joining you in the club... only 2 more weeks of work!! :)