Sep 5, 2008

Feeling Fall-ish.

Who loves Fall? Me! Me! It's my favorite season, and it appears to be upon us sooner than expected. Can it really be true??

To celebrate the sudden onset of crisp, cool weather, Hubby and I opened our windows Wednesday night after the kids were in bed, made some chocolate chip cookies (my favorite recipe from this lady...they're amazing), snuggled under blankets, and watched the movie "Bella". It was great movie. Kind of (okay REALLY) hard to watch at times, but an awesome story. And rated PG!

And last night, both girls slept THROUGH the night until 7:30 this morning. A first in a long time...not so sure that having a toddler and a baby share a room is a good idea. We put a fan in our open window overnight, so our room was nice and cool! Waking up feeling rested, with time to be under the warm blankets and talk before the girls woke up, was delightful.


  1. I love fall! I love fall! I just can't wait to start making soup and burning spice-scented candles.

    We just watched Bella last weekend, as well. We thought it was really good, too!

  2. That's so sweet--great story about the two of you having a great evening. Fall brings out similar things with us. We have also enjoyed Bella. It was really a great movie... bittersweet and definitely hard to watch... but overall lovely.

  3. I can't wait for my girls to be sleeping thoughout the night. We need a movie night too, but just too tired right now.

  4. Makes me want to do the same...which I might :)