Sep 10, 2008

Nothing New.

Nothing new to report these days. Life feels pretty chaotic, actually. I'm just trying to keep my head above water. All of us have been dealing with sickness of some sort. On a brighter note, the Lord is answering prayers in the night-time sleep department. Both girls have been sleeping through the night, not waking each other up. That's huge for me. Here are a couple of pictures from the last few days.


  1. I'd like to know what Malia is so excited about... what is inside those big boxes? =) Cute, cute!! Katie

  2. Wow. Malia is looking so much bigger, like a little girl rather than a toddler. And Josie is continuing to plump up too. Can't wait to see those girls again!

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Yeah for good sleep (and cool fall weather!) David's been regressing a bit lately with his good sleep, so we've had a rough week.

    Anne R.