Sep 29, 2008

Pre-bed Conversations.

Random conversations with Malia tonight:

Conversation #1
(She was looking at a picture in a book in which an ardvark was eating some ants.)
Malia: Ardvark's eating bugs.
Me: Hmm. I think that would be yucky.
Malia: (With an serious look and quiet voice) I don't touch bugs.
Me: What? (I didn't quite understand her.)
Malia: I don't touch bugs. I don't bite bugs. I don't eat bugs. Bugs YUCKY!

Conversation #2
(Now she's reading a different book with gorillas in it.)
Malia: What's that?
Me: Gorillas.
Malia: Oh! (This look of realization comes over her face.) Gorillas at Bee-ma, Bee-pa's house!!
Me: No, there are no gorillas at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Malia: Gorillas hun-gee. (hungry)
Me: What will they eat?
Malia: Kittens.


  1. I can just hear Malia's cute little voice saying these things! Funny girl- we miss her! Aunt Katie

  2. How sweet! I just love all of the random things that kids think of! It has been fun for me to keep up with your family a little through your blog.

  3. Aren't you so glad you're writing these things down? So cute!

  4. That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing those. What a sweetie.

  5. yes, it's become quite a serious problem, kitten-eating gorillas...unfortunately, hungy gorillas are no longer able to survive in the wild so they have to hunt for kittens in the bee-ma and bee-pa region.

  6. HA HA HA! Those comments are hysterical. Especially the gorilla one. I wish I hadn't feared the toddler years so much. They are so stinking funny!