Sep 21, 2008

Speech Explosion.

Okay, my just-turned-2 girl is so growing up!! Today when Nate walked in the door, she yelled from the kitchen "Hey Daddy, I'm reading 'Big Thoughts for Little People'! Wowwww! That's crazy!!"

(Big Thoughts for Little People is one of her books.) She said it just like above except she left out the word 'for'. Where does she learn these things??? Her vocabulary and sentence structure is exploding these days.


  1. I can't wait to see her this weekend! Maybe she will read us a book.

  2. Sounds like Katelyn! They understand way more than we think. BTW, the juicer I was using in that pic is a Champion juicer, pretty expensive, but the best out there. I found an older one on Craigslist that works just fine.