Oct 9, 2008

"I Don't Want Blueberries."

This is the phrase I heard coming out of Malia's mouth tonight while we were eating blueberry pancakes for dinner.

"What?!" I think. This was after the tantrum she threw just hours before when she was all done eating and not allowed to eat blueberries for lunch. Malia LOVES blueberries. I had NEVER, EVER heard my daughter say that she didn't want them. I was utterly befuddled, but shrugged it off.

It was only when Hubby remembered that the pancake we gave her was a chocolate chip one, NOT a blueberry one, did it makes sense. Malia (though she was actually tasting chocolate chips) thought she was eating blueberries (because that's what we had told her) and she didn't like them! That's my girl! The following phrase actually came out of Hubby's mouth:

"It's okay, Malia, you can eat your eggs. You don't have to eat your chocolate."

Ha. I loved it! I'm sure she'll love sugar some day, like the rest of us, but this withholding for two years thing really paid off. She prefers the natural sweetness of fruit big time.


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    I am very impressed! I hope that someday, my kids are like that! :)

  2. For the longest time Addison would ask for a sip of pop and then would rub her tongue violently in distaste. Those days are sadly over. One thing I've really tried to keep in place is how toddlers don't really overeat. They're done when they're done, even if it's a bowl of ice cream. I wish I had that kind of self control.

  3. Hey! That's great! We withhold sugar for a year for our kiddo's but maybe I should try the two year thing. You're such a super mom! Miss you, friend! :)