Oct 21, 2008

I've been tagged...

5 Things I Hate to Admit

1)The laundry from this weekend's family vacation (pics to come) is still right where we left it when we got home last night. Packed inside bags in different rooms around the house. I had good intentions of getting it done today, but decided it would be better to just RELAX and readjust to life at home with my kids. We stayed in our pajamas all day. :)

2)I still haven't finished one of the books I raved about in a previous post. I still think it's great, but I've also started two other books. Woops!

3)I've had to cut back on my "blogging" time because I was starting to spend a little too much time on the computer. I love catching up on people's lives and posting on my own blog, but have had to set some boundaries for myself so as to not get what I call "computer head" and be groggy and grumpy after sitting in front of a screen for too long.

4)I am a sucker for cheap dessert. I'd rather have a bag of candy than just about anything. That or cookies/bars. Give me those over a gourmet dessert any day. Without maintaining self-control, I think I could eat a whole box of Zebra Cakes in one sitting.

5)Once earlier this year, I forgot our Vice President's name. I KNOW! What kind of a citizen am I? It sounds really terrible, but it really was just one of those brain farts. But it was also kind of a kick in the pants to pay more attention to what is going on in the world around me.

There you have it. Dana and Michelle W......consider yourselves tagged!!


  1. So does "I'm tagged" mean that I now have to list the 5 things I hate to admit? I've never seen this before. Like you, much less time blogging since being back at work. When I actually have days off, I just want to hang out with my girls.

  2. I totally understand about spending too much time on blogs. I find myself struggling with this too! While I miss hearing about your sweet family I appreciate your willingness. :)

  3. Yes, you are correct Dana. Now you get to list the 5 things....:)