Oct 22, 2008

The Long Awaited Vacation Pics.

We took a four-day vacation to Branson with some great friends. It was our first "family" vacation as parents, and somewhat enlightening on how a vacation changes once you have kids. Whoa! So needless to say, we don't necessarily feel rested, but we did have a wonderful time connecting with good friends and taking a break from our normal routine. (Thank you Carmen for sharing your pictures with me.)

This unfortunate incident happened on our first trip to Silver Dollar City. It was preceded by a speeding ticket the day before. Woops!

Eating some down-home Silver Dollar City cookin'.

At the Hard Luck Cafe, the wait staff sings while they serve. It was pretty fun and they were actually pretty good! But you must remember that both of my girls have this trait that makes them freak out when people get too close to their face! Thus, the crying Josie. Malia was skiddish as well, but handled it a bit more maturely. :)

Keeping in mind Malia's "skiddish" personality, we decided to make a trip to "The Butterfly Palace", where you get to go in a room filled with a thousand butterflies. Surely, we thought, butterflies can't be too scary.

But after only 5 minutes into a 15 minute 3-D film on the praying mantis, the combination of tense music and a large praying mantis head on the screen frightened Malia to tears and Nate took her out of the room. She did, however, end up enjoying the butterflies....UNTIL...a huge one fluttered right up to her face. She backed up and started screaming, but it only followed her. After this event, it took some close contact with Mommy or Daddy at all times, but she did enjoy it. She kept saying "They no hurt my ducky?" (see above pictures)

This is where Josie spent most of her time.


  1. I have to agree with the girls. If some random person (or someone I know for that matter) gets too close for comfort I want to cry or run the other direction also. Glad you got to take a vacation with friends. I have learned in the past year how fun it is to travel with friends.

  2. how fun! it looks like you guys had a blast. erika - the picture at the bottom with you in a pony tail is gorgeous!!! a hottie mommy, huh?!

  3. A well deserved vacation! Glad you had so much fun. See you soon... YAY! =) Katie

  4. Know exactly what you mean about not necessarily feeling rested. Vacations at this point are stressful, but I love spending time with the kids in a different setting.

  5. Glad you had fun! I think Nate and Shun got a speeding ticket on the same day. How weird.

  6. great pictures of malia with the butterflies! i kind of wish that as adults it would be acceptable to scream and back away from unpleasant things! at least it would be more honest than bottling our real feelings inside and gossiping about our complaints in private! maybe i just think we should be allowed to react this way because i've never been really good at "bottling."