Oct 29, 2008

Maintaining Life

I told Hubby yesterday that I feel like my job is simply to maintain life. Doing those jobs that are never-ending, yet so very essential for living! (i.e. keeping the kids fed, doing laundry, making meals, doing dishes, cleaning up). Now obviously, there is more to what I do with my family than these simple tasks. God has called me to a great mission of shepherding my little girls' hearts as they grow and learn about life in this world. Recently though, it's felt like one task after another, with a rare break to go to the bathroom or snarf down a lunch.

How do I maintain my focus on the greater mission when I feel driven by tasks? Hmm...still learning on that one. :) Any advice from you older, wiser, mom-type readers??

Mostly, I pray that God would speak His message to my girls as I live out my relationship with Him in front of them, and take any opportunities I see to share the heart of their Savior with them. Thank the Lord that it doesn't rest entirely on my shoulders, but He is actively involved in our home each day. That said...here is a picture of my daily life.


  1. LOL I like the last part

  2. I Love this post! It really hits home for me and I would like some of that adivce if you get any. I will soon have 2 to manage also so this gives me a glimps of the future. Thanks for making me laugh! Sara (Oberkrom) Walton.

  3. it cracks me up when malia runs over you and the camera and all we hear is "ow!" and see a shaky picture! even though i'm not a mom i can relate to feeling like i'm in maintenance mode instead of actually LIVING.