Oct 3, 2008

A Visit, and Sitting Up.

Today, Malia and Josie enjoyed a visit from their second-cousin, David. It was our first time to meet him and he is a cutie! And I got to visit with David's Mommy, which was also fun. :)

Josie has entered the world of sitting up which has me pretty excited! Tonight, in celebration of the completion of a long week, we took the fam out to eat and Josie sat up in a high chair for most of the time. No assistance needed. Hooray! I'm looking forward to the sitting up/crawling stages where she can be a bit more independent. For some reason, the high chair tonight made it seem right around the corner.


  1. Isn't David such a cutie?! I am totally with you on the whole sitting up deal. At least Josie can roll over to get what she wants making her even more independent than Kenton. I am envious...

  2. Way to go, Josie! So big!

  3. I agree. Now that H is sitting up all the time I feel much more free. Silly huh, but it's true. I hope our little ones get to meet someday.