Nov 19, 2008

This morning.

After the kids went down for their nap, rather than clean up the mess, I opted to snap photos of what was left behind by this morning:

I spent most of the time in the kitchen trying to get these lunch calzones made and in the freezer. This particular calzone was out of my own brain...chicken, roasted veggies, red sauce, low-fat italian dressing, and a bit of cheese...all wrapped up in pizza crust.

I felt bad about being in the kitchen so much, leaving my kids to fend for themselves much of the morning. Malia was incredibly pleasant about it all. She joined in the fun with her own cooking area (not-so-conveniently placed right in front of the sink) and we chatted away about what we were each doing with our food.

There was also other play to be had. Duckies in drawers...

elephants in plastic bags...

lots of coloring...

and of course, lots of piddling.


  1. I just ate lunch and those calzones still made me hungry. Yum.

  2. Gma Farwell9:13 PM

    You're making memories!