Dec 11, 2008


So Hubby just got a new camera. It's a really nice one and he's giddy. If ever he gets a new piece of camera equipment, it is normal for the girls and I to be the subject of many pictures while he learns how to use it. This time was no exception. There seemed to be a camera around every evening and over the weekend. I've just gotten used to it. You should see some of the horrible pictures there are of me floating around because of this! Anyway, here are some images from his recent experimenting session that I found on his computer. Now mind you, they are not edited and he was still learning to use the camera. So some colors are off, etc. But I love them. An accurate depiction of life around here.

Josie's normally found in this position, scooting her way across a room (and into another if she feels left out). She just can't stop moving!! And I love how she smiles with her eyes. :)

Anything Josie does, Malia wants to do too. She likes to "help" Josie bounce, which sometimes gets a little rambunctious. But Josie doesn't seem to mind.

Josie's new love is to be upright. It gets tiring holding her up to walk around, so sometimes I prop her against this walker. She's even been spotted doing it herself if it's propped against a wall.

This is such an accurate picture of how any free time has been filled and quilting. Malia's little snowflakes are hanging in the background. I had as much fun with that as she did. I was totally into seeing what designs would be revealed as we unfolded the different papers! I kind of forgot how cool making snowflakes is!


  1. Eeka, I just love your little family! Ya'll are so sweet. What a fun post. We do snowflakes every year at our house, too. The children think it's pretty fun. Miss you!

  2. I love the first picture of Josie!

  3. The Campbells1:48 PM

    What kind of camera did he get? A d300? Aaron is envious of his lens'

  4. i was also wondering what camera he got. i'm in the market for either or a new lens or a new body AND a new lens...first i have to decide if i'm going to stick with the cannon.

    also, i need nate's email address...have an old one or something...keep emailing him for feedback on my pics and the emails do not go through.

    also, i miss you. i am needing some friend-time. seriously.

    also, hi meredith! i miss you, too!