Jan 4, 2009

One Week.

I LOVE sweets. Now, I do attempt to keep them limited, but rarely does a day pass without some sort of "dessert", be it cookies, candy, pie, etc. passing my lips. The holidays came with a bit of over-doing-it and some tightening of the pants. So...I am feeling the need to clean my system a bit. So I decided that for one week....ONE WEEK....I would go without desserts. I mean, you may be thinking "one week, geesh", but I tell you, this is BIG TIME for me. So...welcome to the One Week Dessert Fast. After a week, hopefully I will feel better about the fit of my pants and will resume my normal, and hopefully healthy, approach to dessert.

Join me if you wish! It sounds fun to see how many people we can get to join in the sweets fast fun. We can talk about all the good things we're planning to eat on Saturday night (the time I'll be breaking fast). Ha...just kidding. Maybe we'll be surprised at how good we feel! Leave a comment if you plan on joining me for the week.


  1. I'll do it, Eeka! Since I'm pregnant I can't fast from all food but I think this would be a great way for me to show some discipline and give it over to God. :) Is that cheesy? No sweets for a week.

  2. Catching up on blogs tonight -- and I'm right there with you with the sweets! We were given that 10 day Amish bread starter... isn't going to make things easy, that's for sure, but I'm in!

  3. Ok... I'm in... only with soda pop... Dr. Pepper to be specific. I LOVE the stuff, but want to start cutting back. (I drink about 4 cans a week right now, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I seriously border on addiction for it!)

  4. Hey, it's Kara 'Jones' Janzen, and I didn't comment before but last week I gave up chocolate (pretty much all sweets but NO chocolate). That is super hard for me. I eat 2 chocolate chip cookies a day at lunch plus other pieces of chocolate throughout the day. I didn't write before b/c I almost wanted an out just in case but I did it! Thanks for helping inspire me to do it.