Jan 3, 2009

We Love Family!

We were so blessed to have Nate's sister and fam spend 5 days with us this week! It is not often that we see them, making our time together very special. Babu and Gogo came for a day, as well, so the whole family could be together.

Malia with Elli. (The white bowl you see in the background was the go-to "puke" bowl for the Amersheks' sick kids.) :(

Ethan and Malia helping me make muffins for breakfast.

That is one happy Gogo!

And one happy Babu, too.

The whole family.

I loved how this picture turned (or didn't turn) out! An accurate picture of their personalities. :)


  1. Great pictures, eeks. I so wanted to see them while they were here but was guessing they didn't want to be overwhelmed w/ tons of visitors. I sure love you and your hubby's families!

  2. Thanks Erika for serving our far flung family by allowing us to invade your house and love each other! May God BLESS you for it!!