Jan 29, 2009

We're hanging in there...

Well...two rounds of antibiotics down, and still a sick Josie. Malia seems to be doing better, we're not sure if she's clear or not. We're still having restless nights. Like last night...we were awake from 2:15-6:00. An early morning ride in her carseat in the van in attmept to help her sleep WORKED...but she reawoke as soon as we were home. She was in some PAIN last night - poor girl. :( Malia only had one wakeup. Still not sure what's waking her up...dreams, earache???

So. We're still battling. Thus the lack of posting. Sometimes you just gotta let go of some things (like blogging) and focus on other things (like doing what I can to help my kiddos). So who knows when I'll see you all again! :)


  1. Boo! Having sick kiddo's can be no fun. I'll keep you guys in my prayers because I know it can be really frustrating and exhausting. Poor girls!

  2. An interesting thing to note...when I was in school I learned that kids start dreaming around the age of 3 (I can't remember how old Malia is). Anyways...when they dream it scares them because, well, they don't know what dreaming is. Intesting tidbit that you may have already known, but wanted to throw it out there!