Jan 29, 2009

Winter Idea.

The Manhattan Public Library is so wonderful! I just love being there and could browse forever. I've seen these "Discovery Packs" multiple times in passing, but never investigated. In my last visit, I checked them out more closely, and what a wonderful thing! Each pack has a theme. And it's filled with books, toys, etc. that relate to the theme. The one I brought home was a Puppets theme. There were two puppets in it (one was a really cool string puppet), a storybook with finger puppets, a book on how to make puppets, and a book on how to make shadow puppets on the wall. Malia is in LOVE with it. She carries around the book pointing and asking "Can you make this one, Mommy? This one? This one?" Well...I chose an easy sock puppet. It was great fun and has given her something new to think about this week.

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