Jan 16, 2009


My family knows this term to be the endearing name given to me by my brother, Nolan. Thanks Nolan. Not sure how it got started...some say it's because I liked the "Cranberries" song...to my knowledge, not even Nolan remembers. But it stuck. Within the family, that is. I would not mind if others of you didn't pick it up. :)

Anyway...it has felt like an appropriate name these days. Two sick kids. Sleepless nights. My two-year old crying out several times during the night for reasons that are still a mystery to us. We don't think it's ear stuff anymore, but she just can't seem to communicate anything that's bothering her...she's just waking up a crying to be picked up...held...taken downstairs to play...given medicine...even spanked. Yes SPANKED. She has asked to be spanked, rather than stay in bed. We just can't seem to find out what's wrong. So...all this to say...it's difficult for us. We want to help her, love her well...but how? Obviously, this waking up (sometimes 8-9 times a night) crying out wakes her sister, which then creates other problems. So, we're cranky, but want to reach out to her if she needs something. But we also want to teach her that night is the time for sleeping. Humph. This one is a mystery. So...all this to say. If you are a praying person...will you pray for our family? Even if you're not, maybe you could?? :) We need the Lord's grace to hover over us these days. We're confused, and often at night fighting irritation with Malia. As in many other times, I feel the Lord gently leading me to see my role as their mother through His eyes and my children's eyes. Not my own. That requires letting go of things I long for (i.e. sleep, a shower, a certain level of organization in my home, time for ME) and choosing to see those "frustrating" moments as real opportunities for growth in my children and me. And choosing to see the "craziness" in my home as evidence of real "life" happening here. Rather than thinking it to be a hindrance to real life happening here. That's the main idea I've been pondering in all of this. Thanks for reading, and if you think about it, praying. We sure are aware of our need for a presence beyond ourselves. :)

Sick days have yielded lots of blankets and Veggie Tales. Love this girl.


  1. Wow, what trying times for you! I'm praying.

    Considering your sleepless nights, how in the world did you muster up energy to make a hearty breakfast like biscuits and gravy!?!

  2. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Rylen woke up multiple times a night from about a year until she was 2 years old. She would wake up crying, and we would get her a drink of water (after a while we just kept the sippy in her room overnight). She never wanted anything, but a little reassurance and maybe a snuggle. She usually did not want to go back to bed. We assumed that they were some sort of bad dream thing, but obviously she couldn't explain what was going on. Not long after she hit 2 it sort of went away.
    We will be praying for you. I didn't think I would ever 2 years of no sleep, but somehow each day He gives you just what you need.

  3. We will keep praying for those girls to sleep through the night. May God grant peace and rest to all!