Feb 28, 2009


I like to give myself cooking challenges. Like - find THE monster cookies recipe. You know, the perfect one. Or THE cinnamon roll recipe.

Now I'm doing a different kind of challenge. I recently attempted to take part in this cooking challenge from a really cool lady. :) I was excited about my "out-of-the-box" idea to make a quick bread from a root vegetable. Below is the ingredient list I came up with. Now keep in mind that I could follow no recipe, so I was racking my brain, trying not to leave out one crucial ingredient in a quick bread.

I mixed it up, and oh my, the batter tasted delicious. Wow - this was going to turn out wonderfully. How long to bake? 375 degrees for just under an hour. That seemed about right. The aroma was so lovely! It came out looking beautiful, the toothpick was clean.

After about five minutes of being out of the oven, Hubby started commenting on how I could "do no wrong" in the kitchen. Just as he finished his words, I turned to find both of my loaves deflating! Oh no! My bread turned into what we called the "sponge bread". Or what Malia calls the "brown bread". It was dense and spongy. Not what you want in a quick bread. Humph. I evidently didn't have the mix of ingredients quite right. :)

But alas...I now have my my next challenge. I want to fix whatever I did wrong. Because the flavor was really good. Somehow we're still making it through the loaves. Well, Malia and I anyway. Hubby, not so much. The texture is just to weird for him.


***Side note about the paper my ingredients are written on. I have no clue how "God will show me the way" was written on it. My guess is one of my piano lesson girls did it while waiting for their lesson.


  1. I think you are truly an Ar-Teest! It's all I can do to try to follow the recipe correctly. I have NO idea how you do it. I'm so impressed with your gift!!

  2. How fun. I am thinking baking powder or soda...not sure which. I know baking is like chemistry-you just have to find the right formula. I'd peek at banana bread or zucchini bread recipes for tips. I am also now wondering if the starch in the sweet potatoes affects something-I really have no clue just speculating.

  3. Well, now, I would say that bread looks just plain yummy. I would eat it. I love it when bread (quick or not) collapses. Like Jenni said, baking is really chemistry -- and I can't remember how the BP and BS interact with the other things. That might be a good thing to learn for when I'm sent to a remote place and don't have internet access. ;)
    May I link to this when I post the challenge results? Or steal one of your photos?

  4. I actually made a sweet potato bread/doughnut that looks just about the same as what you tried except it also has some pumpkin puree, but it comes out that dense....I think it is supposed to be that way b/c this cookbook was on Oprah... :-) Deceptively Delicious You can look at it when you come home this weekend...yay!

  5. You are a brave cook. I would have no idea where to begin! Looks yummy though!! This is a response to an earlier post... have you read any Jodi Picoult? You may want to add her to your list. A bunch of my friends are reading her stuff right now. My Sister's Keeper is supposed to be amazing and is actually coming out as a movie in June. I'm going to borrow a few of hers in the near future... just thought I'd throw that name out there for you! :) Happy baking!

  6. Hummmm...perhaps up the baking powder? Not sure, but last time I had a quick bread flop was when I was low on BP and tried to do it anyway...not a great idea:)
    I'd LOVE to know what your top Monster cookie recipe is...unless it's a secret...then, of course I wouldn't pressure you to divulge that info!