Feb 20, 2009

"Not the Orange Park or the White Park."

I'm not sure which parks Malia was referring to when she said this. But I know it was the ones she didn't want to go to. Well, Malia, I'm pretty sure you got your wish. We hadn't been to this park in a long time. I think the last time was with Ethan and Elli. Hmph...tear...miss you.

Josie (our much more adventuresome one) was loving every minute of the wind in her face, squealing the whole time. I got Malia to try the merry-go-round (which b.t.w....why are merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters so hard to find anymore?? Sad.) but she didn't like it for long and was too scared for the slides. Even the little ones, which she usually does. Ahhh...different personalities. They are both just wonderful little people and I love getting to know each of them.

Stud dad.


  1. Eeka--you have the cutest kids! You're getting really good at photography, too--I can tell you're married to a professional!

  2. I love those photos! You captured "playing in the park" perfectly.

    And you can't easily find a merry-go-round or teeter-totter anymore because of our (ridiculous) litigious society intent on suing away childhood fun for everyone because a few kids got hurt.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Those pictures are great! They captured happiness perfectly! =) Such a great family.

  4. Love the pics and next time Gogo and Babu will have to go to the park too!