Mar 4, 2009

Getting Cozy.

Yes, we're getting cozy over here at the Sapp household. Last night we pulled Malia out of the girls' room, into ours, (thus the above picture) with the purpose of letting Josie cry through her 5:00 wake-up.

This "tough love" approach is always hard for me, but it's time. Last night's 5:00 wake-up was preceeded by 9:00 AND 11:00 wake-up/nursing sessions. Yes, during Josie's 2-month ear infection/teething escapade, we kind of formed some bad habits. :) Now, the only way to get her to sleep at night when she wakes up (which is fairly often and irregular) without extensive crying is by nursing.

After the two nighttime nursing sessions BEFORE I even made it to bed last night, I decided it was time to try to help Josie learn some self-soothing techniques. The poor girl would be much happier if she could just get herself to sleep. At 5:00, it only took 10 minutes of loud crying before she stopped. Way to go girl! Better than I had expected.

So, Malia will be with us tonight and probably a few more nights. We'll see how it goes...


  1. You go girl!! It might be termed "tough" love, but it's LOVE! You are doing what's best for her and for you! Just wanted to encourage you. We have some great John Deere earplugs if you need any:) Sandi
    PS - I wrote about you on my blog. Just a short thing. Not sure if I ever told you about your influence in my life, but you were an answer to a desperate prayer.

  2. Good luck! Hope tonight goes well--I so remember those days. Um, actually, they still happen most nights, minus the nursing.

  3. oooo... those are fun times, huh? Hope tonight goes well again. It's funny how they get 'untrained' because of sickness, vacation, roadtrips, etc. and then you have to go through the process all over again. I'm afraid it might be neverending! :) Good luck!!

  4. Love those girls! Parenting isn't for cowards...thanks for loving those girls enough to do what is best for them. Gogo is grateful for the parents of her grands!