Mar 19, 2009

Okay this was too fun.

I got this from "Joy".

In Google, type "(Your name) needs to". This is what it yielded for me:

#1 - Erika Needs to Be Coaching Guys.
#2 - Erika needs to start acting like she is in her fifties!!!
#3 - Erika needs to determine what she needs from the board.
#4 - Erika Needs To Speak To Will.
#5 - Erika needs to have research herself on Prometrium when she is talking to the doctor.
#6 - Erika needs to LOSE baby pounds
#7 - Erika needs to know how many will become her customers.
#8 - Erika needs to eat a steak sandwich while doing sit-ups.
#9 - Erika needs to hope for Will's demise.
#10 - Erika needs to do all she can to build up her immunity so she needs to eat as healthy as possible.

#4 and #9 seem to be related. Pretty humorous!


  1. Isn't it fun?! I myself have done this as well! Thanks for a great weekend helping us out! It was so great to have everyone together!!!

  2. i'm laughing out loud! i don't think #8 is really the best way to achieve #6!