Apr 15, 2009

Guitar lessons.

She wants to take piano AND guitar lessons. My "lesson" was to teach her where C is on the piano. It didn't take. :)
Note the yellow chair without it's usual cover. That's because she peed on it. We're on day 2 of some more serious potty training, which means UNDERWEAR ALL THE TIME. Except of course for naptime and outings. Other than that one accident, we're good.


  1. Oh Malia--you're getting so big! I need to work on the potty training with Jas--he's ready, but this mom's not wanting to mess w/ the accidents. Maybe tomorrow...

  2. Gma Farwell9:20 PM

    Miss Malia, you have a lot going on there: learning potty, learning piano, and learning guitar! Love you.

  3. Praying for great success on the potty plan. love the picture!!