May 11, 2009

A Great Day for a Barbeque.

Tonight we have 10 students coming to our house for a Bar-B-Que. A simply gorgeous day (and it takes quite specific qualities for me to say this) is shaping up, and it has me in a very cheery mood! The windows are open and the breeze is so comfortable. We live far enough out of town for it be be relatively quiet, other than the birds, wind, and neighbors. I love that.

Two pies were to be made for the bar-b-que, so Malia and I set to work this morning. Including her in the process made it an all-morning affair, but it was worth it.

Side note...Last night I read this phrase in a book I'm reading:

"The surprise is to find whole communities gracefully accepting such boundaries, inside a nation that seems allergic to limitations, priding itself instead on the freedom to go as far as we want, as fast as we can, and buy until we run out of money - or longer, if we have credit cards.... They place high value on nonmaterial things like intergenerational family bonds, natural aesthetics, and the pleasures of shared work."

This phrase resonnated with something inside of me. Hubby sometimes jokes that I have "Amish tendencies". Ha! I suppose I do. Not that I want to be Amish or even agree with their belief-systems. But there are certain things about their lifestyle that are appealing to me. And I respect their proactiveness in choosing things that they feel are beneficial to their lives. I'm not in total agreement about what those things are (sometimes, maybe), but I respect that they allow themselves to be limited because they see good things come out of it. I could really learn something from that.

That is why I want to learn to see working together as a joy. It's where real life happens. Not later when I can zone out in front of a good TV show, or do something "fun" for me. This is not always easy for me to grasp...end of side note.

Making the crusts.

She was very intrigued with my apple peeler/corer/slicer.


  1. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful day. Beautiful cooks. Beautiful pies!

  2. Those look awesome Zom!

  3. When we met in 1996 (gasp!), I knew there was something special about you...I was right. You are an incredible woman and mother and I learn so much just from watching your blog and seeing how you interact with your children. It's a beautiful thing to watch! Thank you for sharing.

  4. What fun to cook together! I remember those special times when we would cook, sample, wait for it to cook, and then all rejoice in the final product. Maybe we'll have that chance when we stay with the girls. What fun! Hope your BBQ went well. Good thing it is not you have rain? We sure do. Well, there are many special memories in a rainy day too! :-)

  5. Fun!! Cooking with the kiddos is always a blast. :) The pies look delicious! Your Amish stuff made me laugh... I have a couple friends who are fascinated with all things Amish. :)

  6. maybe you're a christ-following amish hippie! hippies are big on communal living. so are europeans. hmmm.