May 15, 2009


It's my first garden harvest EVER! I'm a little excited. Hopefully I will still have some fresh cilantro by the time my tomatoes are ready to pick, so I can make salsa.


  1. I'm so excited for your cilantro, too!! We're growing some but we started from seed, so it'll be another month before we can 'harvest.' Last summer my cilantro totally dried before tomatoes were ready. It was really sad! Here's an awesome salad dressing you could try with your cilantro. You could try to make a healthier version, I guess, but I thought it was AWESOME! It's good on salads and tortilla wrap sandwiches:

    Let me know what you think if you do try it!

  2. Hey Erika
    I am excited for your garden, can't wait until we can start harvesting ours. I FINALLY have a blog, well we will see. I had Thomas create one and he has kind of hijacked it so it may end up being his blog and I may need my own but for now, here is an update on our life.

  3. you should make a bunch of salsa! i make salsa in my blender. ooh. you should make guacamole!