May 9, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?

Not very well, unfortunately. :( So I first planted some lettuce, cilantro, and basil. The only thing that's doing well is cilantro.

The lettuce has about 4 good buds coming up...that's it. (You can see them in the top left corner above.) The basil...never came. I kept waiting, hoping for some signs of belated life. Oh well, I guess it's my first try.

Tonight we planted the rest of the garden: tomato plants, pepper plants, and zuchhini! I have to say, it's exciting to have some signs of life within that fence. Hopefully these will go better??

When Malia found out she had a speck of dirt on her finger, she insisted it be cleaned off immediately! Josie, on the other hand...let's just say she's the more adventurous one.

Love these girls.

Input desired...How do you preserve cilantro?


  1. Oh, Erika, don't get too discouraged. (I know how that feels, since I seem to mostly fail at gardening.) At least your cilantro's doing well!! You can still plant basil from seed. It might just not have been warm enough for it to do much. I have a lot of basil seeds that I still need to get planted. I have planted exactly. . . nothing. Sigh. If you wanted to have some of my basil seeds, you could. I got pretty ambitious in my basil dreams, because I have always had good luck with it, and I love making pesto and freezing it. Anyway, preserving cilantro: You can dry it, but I think it loses a lot of flavor. My Indian neighbor used to freeze her excess cilantro from the store (just wash and dry it first; maybe chop it up?). I'd guess that would preserve its flavor more, but it will be pretty mushy when it thaws.

  2. I'm sorry about your basil and lettuce. I'm glad you tried. Good luck on round two. I love your girls and the fact that they were integrally involved in your planting process. So cute!

  3. What fun to make this garden such a family affair! I believe Big Mama would plant her herbs in pots. They might do better in potting soil.

    Regardless, the most fun is getting out there and playing in the dirt. Enjoy!