May 18, 2009

Thrown Together.

The daisy's are from Mother's Day. The iris and ???? are from our yard. All together, I think the colors are beautiful. A good analogy of the church, I'm thinking. People with different qualities and strengths, all uniquely attractive, come together to make something even more beautiful.

Does anyone know what the pink flower is? I don't know much about flowers.


  1. A peony I think.

  2. Definitely a peony. Love them....have a row of bushes of several different colors! We fill jars of them and give them away for the few weeks that they bloom in May/early June.

  3. Wish I was there to share your lovely flowers. And what a great if we can just let us all be who we are knowing that together we do make something rather beautiful. Kind of shows off God and His glory.

  4. yep. peony. careful, ants love peonies, so you have to shake out the blooms before you bring them in the house!