Jun 6, 2009

Lacking in Pictures.

So sorry. We just got back from our 5-year anniversary vacation, and realized we only took two pictures. Phooey. Oh well. These were taken at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.

This was one of our favorite things we did. So beautiful and relaxing. We paid to rent their dorky bikes so we could bike through it. (Hubby thought they made them like that so no one would steal them.) I gotta tell you, if you haven't ridden a bike for awhile, you should. It had been pretty much since childhood for me. It was way fun. We ate at their outdoor cafe but next time would probably opt to pack a picnic lunch, as many others did. Great place to go if you're looking for something laid-back and slow paced.

Other vacation highlights included:

~Both of us learning to drive a boat. This included driving I-don't-know-how-many miles from the marina, looking for the cabin we were staying at and had no idea where it was on the map we were looking at. (all of this on the boat, mind you. It was a lake map.) After going way to far and giving up, we happened to stumble upon it coming back. So we went in and got "the tube". A scared, freaking-out me pulled Hubby on the tube, all the while praying I wouldn't accidentally kill him. I was so nervous I didn't even ever throw him off of the tube. Pretty lame, I know.

~Trying to sleep in. The best we ever did was 8:00.


~Sitting on the dock fishing. (I had never fished before.)

~One "day in" the the cabin. We didn't go anywhere. We just played games, watched Food Network and ESPN, read, took naps, and cooked. It was pretty great.

~Grilling and reading on the deck overlooking the lake.

~Lots of 2-player Settlers of Catan.

~Me getting motion sick about 5 or 6 times throughout the vacation, due to all the windy roads.

~A couple of movies.

~Listening to a play list we created of all our favorite memorable music during our marriage. It included: Lewis and Clarke, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, Teitur, Guster, Keene, Waterdeep, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, that's all I can remember now.

It was so relaxing. I was ready to see my girls, though!


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Glad you had a chance to get away for a while.

  2. Wow--sounds amazing! You guys know how to vacation! Let's go together next time. We've been on that bike trail with our kids and family--had a blast! I can't believe this was the first time that you fished--aren't you a farm girl?!? Missed you!

  3. SO FUN! I love Dogwood!!! Glad you guys had a great time. Where did you stay at, what cabin? Did you rent from a local marina?
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Sounds like you guys rested up and are ready to tackle all the new "habits" that come with a week of being LOVED on by Gogo and Babu! :) Sounds like everyone had a good time.