Jun 23, 2009

My Girls.

I just love these two. Hubby was experimenting with the camera, so I couldn't help but post a couple.

Malia is becoming such a sweet big sister. She tries to help Josie when she's sad, tells her she's doing a good job, shares toys with her, reads to her, and gives her hugs. She's such a sweetie. She's got such a sensitive little heart. And she talks my ear off all day. :)

Josie is spunky and full of life! (and doesn't talk at all; just lots of grunts.) She has strong opinions and makes them known! She is so quick to copy what she sees others doing, so she learns how to do things very quickly. She thinks she's older than she is, I think. :) She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and hugs. She wraps her arms around my neck tight and stays there. I love it!!

That's all. Just liked the photos.


  1. Don't you just love the diversity God puts in each of us! We all are needed and none the same! It's fun to see His creativity in my grandchildren. Rejoicing in it!

  2. ps...i think malia looks like a little jenni/nate and josie looks like you.