Jul 15, 2009

A Good Story

So Malia picked up a "Is Jesus God" booklet from our office and opened it to the page where there were "pictures" (diagrams).

"I'm going to tell you a story," she said. Picture her holding the book up with one hand with the pages turned toward me; her looking at it from the side.
"Okay," I said.

It went something like this (forgive me if it's not perfect; I went and wrote it down right after she told it, so I could remember it as much as possible):

"This a story about Miss Nelson.
'Where could she be?' said the kids.
'Ohhhh...maybe she is gone,' they said.
'No, I don't think so,' they said.
(Yes, she's actually saying all the 'they said's.)
'Where is Miss Nelson? She needs to fix the tree!'
'They broked it!' they said.
'Where is Jesus? Jesus can fix the tree.'
'Did Jesus get back from Wal-Mart?'
'Oh. Never mind. Jesus did not come back from Wal-Mart.'
'Is Jesus praying?'
'Oh. Never mind. Jesus is not praying.'
'Where is Jesus?' they said.
'Ohhh....there's Jesus' dolly! See that Mommy? There's Jesus' dolly.' (She's turned a lot of pages, so at this point she's just pointing to a bunch of words.)
'Jesus's dolly is God.'"

From there the story continued, but I just can't remember it all. She's obviously combining several ideas into one story. :) Miss Nelson is from the "Miss Nelson is Missing" books at the Library. The rest, you can pick out from daily life.

She definitely is an imaginative one. Love that about her.

This picture actually makes me a little sick, but it fit the story, so I'm using it. :)

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  1. That picture IS hideous! Ha! I see a future in creative writing for Malia. Sometimes you just have to shrug and wonder how she gets those thoughts off of your everyday conversations!

    Oh, by the way, here in Lawrence, we believe that Jesus only shops at Target! But the robes would definitely fit in with some of the fashions on Mass St!