Jul 29, 2009

Loving the garden right now...

Notice the window sill you can barely see is also filled with tomatoes.
This was after I made one batch of tomato sauce, which I didn't care for too much. First try. So tonight I tried a new recipe, found on the "Animal Vegetable Miracle" website. It looks and smells wonderful! No doubt this will be the one I make again. Well, I guess I should see how it freezes first.

I still had some tomatoes left, and today I added a new batch to the kitchen counter.

Oh yeah...for some good instructions on blanching and freezing zuchhini, go here.


  1. YOU SHOULD MAKE TOMATO JELLY!!!!! (the all caps is my excitement). I realize that sounds disgusting but it is my favorite jelly of all time and I don't share it with anyone. It is SO good. Yumm, wish I had some now.

  2. i'm still waiting on one single tomato....and look at your harvest. soooo jealous. :)