Aug 26, 2009

Blast from the Past.

I road-tripped today and yesterday with two of my good college friends. Our friend had a baby yesterday (their first!!), so it was planned that we would drive down last night, get up to visit her this morning, and be back by lunch.

Three chatty girls in a car for 2 hours, late night bed talk, ohh-ing and ahhh-ing over William, laughing a lot at Michelle's jokes, and 2 more hours in a car, and we were home! At least I was...the other two drove on.

I sure love these girls deeply and it was a joy to be with them for a few hours. The spontaneity of the trip itself was pretty exciting, as well!

Congratulations Worleys!


  1. Ah, the memories of you gals in college--your house was such a great place to hang out! I'm so excited for Michelle! Sounds like a fun trip.

  2. Oh, what fun! For some reason I teared up reading this post. Maybe I'm just tired and emotional, but I felt so happy for you to get time with old friends and a break from the everyday. And how special for Michelle!

  3. oh I'm so sad I missed out. Darn work! I'm glad to see Michelle and William are looking healthy and happy! Thanks for putting that pic on your blog!

  4. Oh, I love seeing you girls together again. Brings back lots of fun memories.