Aug 10, 2009

A Major Player.

We went to a very special wedding this weekend and the charge given to the bride and groom was inspiring to me.

He addressed the family as the primary place or mechanism through which the world is changed. Not war, politics, schools, and other large-scale functions. Rather, the family, he said, is where people, and thus the world, are changed. I could not agree more, as this idea resembled Jesus' approach to changing the world. Through a small group of men.

This idea was re-inspiring to me as I face the family realm day in and day out. It is easy to sometimes think of my place in this world, in this great Spiritual battle, as not on the front lines, but more like cheering or coaching from the benches. I guess his charge made me think of it more like being on the field. A major player. I know all this in theory, but it is easy to forget and live like I don't think it's true. I want to remember.

Other ideas addressed were: 1)our call to either begin or continue a heritage of faith in our family. 2)Jesus' instructions for us to sacrifice for others. Only in this, he said, will you find happiness. He challenged the bride and groom to spend their first year of marriage focused on the idea of sacrificing for others, rather than just focusing on each other. Then, he said, you will find joy in your marriage.

Jesus's teachings are so not from this world. They contradict and irritate the messages from our society, which is deeply (and most of the time, unknowingly) entrenched in the deceit of the Enemy. Hearing Jesus' commands spoken boldly and was life-giving. thrilling! made me feel like there was no place on earth that could be any more wonderful and exciting! From head to toe, I was filled with purpose!

Jesus give me your perspective, not once for all, but over and over each day.

"I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." Ps. 119:32


  1. You post today was amazing timing, for sure! All of the reasons you mentioned are why John and I have chosen to homeschool. Now, I know, the minster probably wasn't referring to that but it was a wonderful reminder of why we've chosen this path for our children. And with school starting in just a few weeks, I needed to hear it! Thanks!

  2. Eeka, thanks for sharing such a good word. Just wanted you to know I think you are on the starting line up of the team; not only investing deeply in your children and creating a home of faith. But doing it with a very up close and personal audience. Just think, Cory and Curtis (like so many others) were in your living room and around your table; experiencing and being served by your family. And the legacy continues! I'm proud of ya sister!

  3. Thanks for sharing that -- those are great thoughts!! I love the idea that only in sacrifice will we find happiness. It's a good reminder about picking up our cross, which is where the lasting joy is. Still working on moving this from my head to my heart.

  4. good words, erika. it's easy for me to lose vision in the middle of the mundane.

  5. I love these thoughts. So challenging and refreshing at the same time.

  6. Thanks Erika for being the major player with Nate, Malia and Josie. What a significant contribution you are making to their lives. And the promise is true that your children are like arrows in the hand of the warrior. Right now it might be difficult to know or visualize where God will take them and how He will use them, but He will! And in so many ways you are now building that foundation from which they will go and be used. Hope I'm around to watch it all!!