Aug 29, 2009

Reset Saturday 2.

This time, the exterior of the house needed some work. A few weeks ago, Hubby's parents graciously came down to help begin the dreaded project of trying to re-route rainwater away from our house. We've been stuck mid-project for awhile. Piles of rock, dirt, and sand filled our patio.

Today, 7 wonderful K-State guys came over to help make this project seem less daunting. It worked! They got it done fast! This is the underground trench/bucket system.

Monkey-see, monkey-do.

Hard at work.

Ahhh...the finished product. (We have yet to re-build the fence.)

They even got the sandbox back in order.

And some firewood delivered and chopped! This was an unexpected gift. :)

Time to eat! My lunch seemed like a small price to pay for such gracious volunteers! (Nolan and Katie, notice the Smore bars. We've made them like three times since we've been to your house. Love them!)

Malia got a lesson in thankfulness as well. :)

Thank you Mark, Caleb, Scott, Luke, Kyle, Curtis, and Ben. You guys rock!!


  1. mmm... smores! :) looks like you had a very productive day! what a relief to have that big project done!

  2. how did you make the s'mores bars? They look different from normal.

  3. A dial-up work crew . . . what a blessing!! So glad you could start off the semester that way!

  4. Congratulations on the finished product!! Now you are ready for those Fall rains. Looks great and I know it was a joy to work together! Can't wait to see it!!

  5. glad that big project is out of the way!
    what a blessing!
    i miss your sweet girls!
    looks like they had fun too!