Aug 16, 2009

Reset Saturday

Our weekends this summer have been every which way, which as left less time for cleaning. (A lot of cleaning happens on Saturdays in this household.) So...after being gone a lot and dirt piling up, we felt in need of what we decided to call "Reset Saturday".

Much scrubbing, cleaning, sweeping, organizing...and wah-lah! A fresh start to the upcoming semester of students being in our home! It felt pretty glorious that evening to sit down after a shower and feel re-set. :)

Hubby even fixed the seal on our front door.

Reset Saturday also included a morning of amazing garage sale-ing. Some garage sale days are winners, some are losers. Yesterday was definitely a winner! I was very pleased with they things I came home with, one of which was this wooden doll house for the girls.

It's a little empty. (Hmmm...maybe if Uncle Rod has our name for Christmas, he can make us some doll house furniture. :)

At the risk of embarrassing myself, I'll go ahead and tell you that the clothes Hubby and I wore to church today were, in fact, another find from yesterday's sales! So there you have it. We're those kind of people. I tell ya, it's a lot of fun to find a way around the system and save money. I love it, actually!

To top off the day, we added some fun "treats", including getting Malia her free cone from Vista for completing the library's Summer Reading Program, all of us running through the sprinkler, AND purchasing some lamb kabob meat from the Farmer's Market and making them for dinner. Nate had lamb kabobs in China and Turkey, and I grew up having lamb for dinner at my Grandma's house regularly. Very different memories...both very good. So having lamb again was a fun thing for us.

Ahhh...too bad this "re-set" feeling will only last a few days. Soon the house will be dirty again. But I have been thinking about the idea of "seasons" a lot lately. God made so many things to work in seasons. If there weren't seasons, we wouldn't know to enjoy the good things when we have them. So I'm learning to enjoy seasons in their various forms in life. Maybe I can learn to enjoy it in housework. - the dirty, chaotic seasons, and the clean, more calm seasons. :)


  1. I think I want you to adopt me! :) Your family is so cute!

  2. It was so great to spend time with your family tonight. I'm inspired by your cleaning and your garage sale finds (you both looked super chic this morning, by the way). Love you guys!

  3. Just so you know, we have DELICIOUS lamb kebobs available any day of the week. We would treat you to daily lamb feastings if you came our way. :) I loved the garage sale shot. Way to pose there Natron! Love and miss you so, Jenni

  4. Love it! I'm inspired...but not quite enough to clean my own house. My "house" goal is to simply not hate the ol' thing right now. Lofty, isn't it?
    Got your comment, by the way and we would LOVE a visit from the Sapps! Heck ya. When are you thinking? Maybe if it's fall weather we could all go do a fun KC Fall thingy-pumpkin patch or something. I'll look around for ideas and maybe that could help determine a time. Hum...maybe I should have emailed all of this. :)