Sep 30, 2009

Fall Conference 2009

The girls and I were able to attend a conference for college students (a part of Hubby's job) this weekend. Two other staff members' wives and kids came too, and they all had a GREAT time! The boys were so gentlemen-ly in how they took care of all the little girls. They held them on their lap, taught them games, and held their hands. Sooo sweet! I'd be okay if Malia hooked up with either of them some day. :)

At the retreat center there was a bridge that crossed over a creek to some nature trails.

There was also a playground, sand pit with tetherballs, and a new gym to play in.

Good times! And thanks to my mom-in-law who was also there, I got to attend a couple of sessions and meet with one student while I was there!

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  1. When did Josie grow up?!?! Her hair is so long! In that first picture I seriously thought you were holding Malia! Your girls are WAY cute, Eeka!