Oct 3, 2009

Craft of the Day.

Malia was on my lap today as I was putting together some hooded towels for shower gifts. It was fun talking about the sewing machine with her.

She slides off my lap, and the next thing I know, she comes back with a washcloth from the bathroom saying that she needs to make one for her bear. My first thought is "We can't waste our towels!" But it was such a fun idea and the washcloth and towel were pretty ratty, so it turned out to be a really fun Mom-daughter project! It took all of 10 minutes and it was actually more of Malia sitting on the bed and watching. But fun nonetheless.


  1. What a smart little girl--love that idea--I might have to steal it!

  2. I love your mom-daughter projects! It's refreshing to read and encouraging too!! I have to remember how to use my machine before I put Emma on my lap or she'll end up being PART of my sewing project!

  3. Love it! We love using the towel you made for us!