Oct 4, 2009


Two things that came out of #1's mouth today:

Hubby: God made you Malia.
Malia: Yeah, then you put me in Mommy's belly.
What???? We haven't quite gone there yet. Not sure where that came from.

Later tonight as we were interacting, she just gets up and says "I need to go shave my legs off at my house." Then up and away she goes.
This one isn't too surprising, we have talked about someday she will shave her legs. (She's fascinated by the hair on her arms and legs.) But what planted the idea from the previous conversation in her mind? Weird.


  1. That's hilarious!! Wish I could have seen his face when she said that! How do you respond to that??

  2. Out of the mouth of babes! Love that girl!

  3. That is funny. Kids are so smart, let's hope she really did not pick that up from somewhere yet.

    I miss you all. Sorry I haven't checked blogs in about 5 months. I need to update my own.

    Are you still coming to town this weekend. I can leave those jeans in the mailbox right outside of our house if you want to pick them up. Or I can leave them with mom and dad sometime. Just give me a call and let me know.

  4. Oh no. That is why I do not have kids. I would not have handled that well. Ha!