Nov 17, 2009


It's true! They're becoming good friends! It's so fun to watch them dance, holding hands, all the while getting so dizzy, laughing, and falling down. Or watch Malia "read" to her. Malia is beginning to ask Josie questions all day long (giving me some relief).
Josie, do you want me to read to you?
Josie, do you want to dance?
Josie do you want to go to the fair?
Josie, do you want to watch the cow movie? (not sure what she's talking about)
Josie, do you want draw a picture?
Josie, do you want me to get your drink?
Josie, do you want Mommy?
And on, and on.

At this particular moment, Hubby was home and turned on a video. They snuggled up together on the couch. I thought it was really cute! (Notice that Bear and Baby were not far from their "mommies".)

Also notice how their hair color is meshing. Malia's was blonde, and Josie's was black. They look pretty similar these days.


  1. Love that picture, and that they're such good friends! You've got pretty special little girls!

  2. So cute! That is a great picture! =)

  3. Love them! That is all too precious!

  4. I love it! I'm going to print this picture to update my fridge picture. Ethan asked, after I showed him the blog, "Josie's getting big. Can she talk now?" How does she answer Malia's many questions?

  5. Your girls are so beautiful!