Nov 15, 2009

Lunch Time Talk

We're eating leftover bierocks.
MALIA: (large amount of food in mouth) Do these bierocks have "cabbage" in them?
ME: Yeah, they have cabbage.
MALIA: I was talking about college.
ME: College?
MALIA: (nodding, still chewing.) Yeah.
ME: isn't a food.
MALIA: What is college?
ME: Well, it's like school.
Silence. Guess that satisfied her. I'm not surprised she's picked up the word college considering all the students we have in our home. I just thought the conversation was pretty random and it made me laugh.


  1. That made me happy and also made me really want some bierocks.

  2. yummy! I love listening to children have conversations! It's so amazing what they think of. Just wait until Malia and Josie start having their own little "intellectual" conversations. SO cute!

  3. I LOVE Beirocks! So much, that I learned to make them here, using what I could find to make them!! My mom used to make them for all the kids!! My mouth is watering!! I also love hearing what comes out of Malia's mouth!