Nov 4, 2009

Three. (No I'm not pregnant...)

I thought my title might throw a few off, so I clarified. :)

Thanks for visiting today Hannah! We hope you come again soon! My girls definitely had fun. :)

This was before they both fell and hit their head on the concrete. (Carmen, please don't fire me as your baby-sitter. :) Now mine has a nice welt on her forehead.


  1. Great pics, Erika! I'm not at all worried that she fell and bumped her happens. I'm sorry Josie has a welt! Thanks SO much for keeping her.

  2. Grateful for good friends, even at a young age! Looks like they had fun!

  3. Gma Farwell2:46 PM

    Ahhhhh, the pictures remind me of 3 girls who played together 25+ years ago. May these 3 have many special times ahead!