Dec 29, 2009

Chi and Jenn.

Nate and I have been enjoying working on the images from his most recent wedding, our sweet friend Jenn and her husband Chi! Looking at the pictures, I saw many people from my college days and it made me wish even more that I could have been there! Fun times! I just loved their pictures. Jenn is so expressive which made for fun and lovely images. If you want to see others, there are many, many, many more at Sapp Photography under client proofs. Isn't she beautiful?!

We are really enjoying this home business of ours more and more. Nate has a couple of weddings this weekend, which unfortunately is during my family's Christmas. Sad, but so thankful that God is using this to provide for our family!

1 comment:

  1. Nate, you did a AWESOME job on this wedding. I poured over the pictures. Some of the images felt really fresh and new. And none were washed out. Way to go!!