Dec 28, 2009

First Snowman.

Today my dear Hubby made his first snowman. Ever. Can you believe it? He grew up in Nairobi, where the weather is beautiful every day. He enjoyed this as much as Malia did, I think.


  1. That is so hard to believe that Nate has never made a snowman! Oh my goodness! It kind of makes me sad! ;) (Not to sad) That picture is adorable of him and Malia! How much snow did you guys get in Manhattan?

  2. I can't believe that! Crazy! Although, I'm sure it will always be a special memory for him that his first time building a snowman was with his sweet daughter. Aww....

    Dorky question? What kind of camera do you all use. Your pictures are lovely!

  3. I thought about making a snowman...the snow was wet enough and the temperature wasn't too cold. But I got sidetracked. Glad Nate and Malia were able to do it!